TETRA - TErrestrial TRunked RAdio

The TETRA standard has been unlocking the power of communication for industrial and mission critical clients since 1997. This unparalleled technology provides businesses and government agencies with unrivaled wireless, secure, mobile communications.


Nielson Networks is proud to bring this technology to the United States. We ran a TETRA Pilot here in Green Bay for over 2 years, with several groups visiting us to try the system for themselves. We also put TETRA on wheels, by bringing a working TETRA system to customers to try out.


Please contact us for a webinar, or arrange visit, to try the system out for yourself!

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TETRA Overview explains a brief history of the TETRA protocol, and a short technical description of the digital signalling.

TETRA Terms define several TETRA concepts, and a brief description of the hardware pieces.

TETRA Features describe the general featureset of TETRA radios.


TETRA Solutions displays a typical network configuration, highlighting features beyond voice communications.


TETRA Products describes our relationship with various manufacturers to supply quality TETRA equipment to solve your communications needs.


Base Stations are installed on towers, tall buildings, or communications trailers that provide infrastructure services.

Radio Terminals are mobile and hand-held radios that people use.

Data Terminals are small computer devices to interface with SCADA, PLCs, and other inputs, allowing machines to use TETRA.

Site Survey evaluates the location of a radio system, looking for RF challenges that may need to be considered in the design.

Dispatch Consoles are computer consoles allowing operators to manage the users in the field.