Sepura Terminals

Sepura is the leading network-independent supplier of TETRA terminals. Incorporated in 2002, they employ over 300 people, many of whom have up to 30 years experience in the Professional Mobile Radio market. They deliver mission-critical communications to customers in public safety, military, transportation, utilities, and commercial markets. They offer the broadest ranges of standard and specialist radio products, support tools, and accessories.


Sepura terminals support over 9000 talkgroups, and may be ordered with encryption. They also have incredible noise rejection, significantly reducing or even eiliminating background noise that would interrupt communications. Please click on the images to view the data sheets.



  Sepura STP9000 TETRA Terminal

Sepura Handheld Terminals (Radios)

Nielson Networks is pleased to offer the STP9000 series for TETRA use. The STP9000, along with variants 9100 (color, no DTMF keypad) and 9200 (greyscale, tougher case) are excellent IP67 rated radios offering 1.8W of TX power, and optional GPS and bluetooth functionality. The 9000 series offers optional TETRA repeater mode, and Sepura is one of the few manufactures where the repeating radio may also participate in the conversation. Sepura displays are visible in daylight, and one doesn't need to rotate the radio to see the display when wearing polarized sunglasses. Other options include Man-Down, Phonebook, and the ability to run Short Data Applications on the terminal.

Sepra STP9200 TETRA Radio

Sepura Mobile Terminals (Radios)

Nielson Networks is pleased to offer the SRG3900 radios for mobile use. These radios are fully-featured TETRA mobiles ready to support gateway and repeater operations. They may use a variety of control heads and microphone connections for a proper communications soluition for mobile users. These radios may optionally have GPS support for location information, and may be remote controlled from the handheld terminals for remote configuration changes. Mobile radios may also be equipped with a second control console for large vehicles, such as fire trucks, where one console may be at the driver's location, and a second console near controls in the back of the vehicle.

  Sepura STP8X00 ATEX / IS Radio

Sepura Intrinsically Safe (FM / ATEX) Terminals (Radios)

Sepura has a 2 lines of special radios: the ATEX STP8X radio for harsh/explosive environments. Available in UHF, these radios are certified to the exacting ATEX /IECEx, version 6. Two models are available: one with a full keyboard, and the second with a limited keypad. These IP67 rated radios offer 1W TX power, and plenty of loud clear audio on reception. Complementing these excellent radios is a line of IS certified accessories, such as headsets, microphones, and charging hardware. Finally, the radios offer Man Down, SDS, Bluetooth, and Micro SD card as options.


Sepura's Radio Manager

Radio Manager is more than just a programming tool -- it is a management database that records programming sessions, serial numbers, and a variety of other information tidbits from your radio fleet. Whereas your typical programming tools are designed to program a single radio at a time, Sepura understands the nature of fleet operations, as Radio Manager can program 32 radios at a time, either directly connected to the source computer, or connected to a programming pod. Sepura programs are developed by a skilled administrator, and once they are tested and ready for the fleet, the software is easilly installed into the radios. It's so simple, that even a user can do it!