Piciorgros Survey Tool



The TTS-2000 is a complete TETRA Site Survey Test Device that measures of the RSSI Field Strength of the TETRA carier, along with all reported neighbor cells. The data is stored as a -dBm value together with the location coordinates, bit error rate, antenna gain or attenuation value, and the RSSI values from all reported neighbor cells.


Once per second (or distance depending), all relevant TETRA parameters like RSSI, LAC, Channel number and coordinates are shown on the iPad in big, well readable numbers. Data is also stored to a csv file format for easy importation into Microsoft Excel for further study. The device can be operated for several hours with the internal rechargeable battery, or plugged into an external 12V power source for additional duration. Once the measuring process is completed, the csv-based data can be sent on a WiFi or GSM network with just a finger tip to any e-mail address.


With the powerful Google Maps based application viewer “CoverMap”, the user can view the data as graphical coverage overview on a PC or process it with his own Excel application. Users may also simulate certain conditions like switching off Base Stations, or setting –dBm levels, to check network response in extreme conditions.


The TTS-2000 is installed in a small Pelicase box of only about 24 * 11 * 19 cm and can be used in a car or - due to its very light weight - for handheld operations.