TETRA Consoles

Large organizations with call or dispatch centers will desire a dedicated workstation for radio operators. These consoles are often custom built for a customer, as each organization will have different communications flows. In Europe, TETRA is widely deployed in public safety markets, thus a number of consoles for public safety exist. Other consoles, for transportation, chemical refineries, or other workflows may be created.


CeCoCo Consoles

CEntralized COmmand and COntrol -- CeCoCo -- is PowerTrunk's highly flexible console software solution. Designed to public safety specifications, this integrated software suite is easily configured for communications flows, such as GIS, records management, and radio dispatch. CeCoCo installations range from a single well-equipped workstation, all the way to a call center's volume of system and data management. CeCoCo servers and workstations can be configured in fault-tolerant designs, to remain reliable during critical situations.


CeCoCo is a client-server solution, based on standard TCP/IP networking.


CeCoCo Datasheet


Custom Consoles

Portalify, the data and applications partner of Sepura and PowerTrunk, has other custom console applications available. Specializing in asset management, along with control room applications, professional users are empowered to utilize TETRA communications systems in many diverse methods. Whatever the application, Portalify's solutions work well to connect users with their relevant data.

Please contact us, and we will develop a solution for your communications needs.