FreePBX - Asterisk Solution

Asterisk - VoIP Telephony Systems

FreePBX is an Open-Source Asterisk telephony solution sponsored by Schmooze Communications. We have installed this elegant software solution for several customers, and use it with our internal telephony communications, including the TETRA radio system. With FreePBX, a computer, and some VoIP telephones, your organization may have a reliable, inexpensive, and easily managed new telephone system with very powerful features.

  Outdoor Networking

Wireless Networking

Computer networks are stretching outside of the office building. Perhaps your organization built a second facility, and you need to "plug in" without burying cable, or maybe you have a building across town, and might desire an in-expensive full-time link via microwave radio systems. Give us a call, and let us evaluate your proposal, and let us solve your connectivity problem.


IT Consulting

Computer networks are everywhere: radio communications, telephony operations, and email systems just scratch the surface of what this powerful technology can do for your organization. Our technical staff includes a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) who can update your systems, test your backups, or perform a network migration.